What do tns do? We can help with: Digital Marketing Digital Screens Digital Signage Aroma Marketing Digital Security Staff Tracking Scent Marketing Asset Tracking CCTV Solutions Fragrance Marketing Scent Solutions Digital Print Solutions

Digital Marketing and Digital Signage Solutions

We are a forward thinking digital media company with projects and connections in most aspects of Digital Marketing. We can supply and maintain many different solutions from a one-off digital advertisement screen in a shop, bar or anywhere suitable to a holistic hotel/corporate solution offering linked digital checkin, loyalty schemes, in-room ordering and advertisement solutions, full in-room TV supply and integrations, digital concierge, booking websites, mobile phone apps and virtually any connected or related solution.

Digital Media Content Creation Solutions

We can tailor make a fully professional grade advertisement, viral video, interactive screen and video production. Along with the promotional side, we also have the skills and ability to create full feature length movies and documentaries, educational videos and other media creation suited to your needs and requirements. Contact us today to discuss your media ideas and requirements.

Fragrance Marketing, Scent Marketing, Aroma Marketing & Scent Solutions

We provide our customers the cutting edge in fragrance solutions. Our industrial grade fragrance machines can successfully scent an area with our realistic scents and aromas. Useful applications could be a fragrant fresh ground coffee scent that is dispersed into a high streets or shopping centres to attract customers into your cafe, bar, or restaurant. Also fragrances can give the appearance of cleanliness, this could be used to give the overall impression your venue is clean and could help people believe in your products or services. How many times have you entered a Spa and smelt the nice relaxing lemongrass fragrance and not felt instantly relaxed? Get in touch with us to discuss your fragrance requirements. Along with providing the scent machine hardware we can also provide Aroma Oil's and tailor make a scent for you or your business.

Who We Are

Touchscreens and Notice Signs Limited (or tns) is a Limited Company setup as a joint venture by Phoenix Digital Solutions (PDS) Limited and Untagged Ltd in 2016.

We have offices and partners in the following locations:
York, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Valencia, Spain and Dayton Ohio, USA along with engineers based across the UK at various locations up and down the UK.

Both PDS and Untagged have many years of experience working on custom IT solutions, printing, systems and networks or creating our own custom solutions to suit the customers needs. We have worked extensively in the print industry creating solutions for large industrial printing companies, this includes machine maintenance, engineering, machine installations, database management, server support on blade and Proliant servers as well as many other pieces of related hardware and software. This was an enjoyable part of our business, but we have decided to focus our business on Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Signage Scent Marketing and CCTV Solutions.

We can provide you the whole package from installation, of the hardware, setup, configuring and training of our systems.

Our History