Advertisement Revenue Streams

I really like all the different solutions you offer, but isn't all this equipment really expensive to buy?

There are a lot of options available to you...
Read on to find out more.

By utilising the screens you install, you can have a whole new revenue stream. For example, lets say you have 50 hotel rooms with a television in each room. If you install a touch screen interactive television that allows users to book events, order take away food from local restaurants, you can then charge these attractions and take away's in the area to advertise on your screens.

Imagine if you have 10 different take away's advertising on your screens, each paying £50/week, you could be potentially making £500 a week to only display those advertisements to your guests.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible for us to pay for the installation and equipment costs if you allow us to keep control of the advertising space on your digital screens, we will also retain ownership of the equipment and maintain it on your behalf.

We will approach the local businesses and manage every aspect of the advertising on your screens along with billing and updating the content.

We offer a weekly rental package, where you can rent the equipment. This could be interactive televisions, digital signage for the reception area, bar advertisements, digital tables, cctv equipment, anything that we sell can be rented to you.

We can finance any of our products, including services like content management, app or software design, hardware and servicing is all negotiable, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Complete Financial Flexibility with our Solutions

In some instances, we will cover the cost of the equipment and installation if we can hold the rights to the advertisement space on your equipment. There is the initial investment into the equipment, but you could receive 100% of the advertising revenue.

Realise Digital Screen Advertising Revenue