Welcoming Your Guests with Custom Signage

Nearly everyone hates airports, there is very little fun and enjoyment that happens in the airport apart from when you leave, but lets change this!

Instead of stripping people of their rights and making them feel unwelcome, why not spin this around and actually make people feel welcome and make them want to arrive early at your airport so they can relax and spend time in the airport shops, bars and lounges. You can use digital signage to help build that relaxing ambiance, show people information when something goes wrong, don't keep them guessing. Show them what to do, where to do it and how to do it in different languages all from one computer terminal.

These solutions will free up the airport staff to deal with their existing tasks and not juggle peoples emotions or problems in a confrontational manner.

Real time Travel Information & News

Everyone loves to be informed of what is happening, especially if there is a problem. Educate your travellers by installing strategically placed signage solutions. Show travellers up to the minute information in different languages to cater for everyone, jut just in the airports local language.

Along with your local airport information you could complement this by showing a news channel in another corner of the screen, or a live news feed along the bottom of the screen of updated information from an RSS/XML feed.

Our systems can connect directly into your existing systems, we can take your live data feeds and inject the data into our own systems and manipulate the look and feel to suit your environment.

Digital Advertising and Posters

Managed advertising solutions

We can furnish your bar, restaurant, cafe, venue with high quality digital signage showing the latest promotions and advertisements.

Choose from various digital screen solutions, we can make custom screen cabinets to suit the venue we will be advertising in. We can also tailor the screen content so it is suitable for your venue. This includes advertisement colours used, advertisement transitions, wording and any part of the screen solution.

You can use your own staff to control and manage your advertisements and promotions, these can be instructed to run at certain times of the day, different days of the month, weekends, mid-week, it is all automatic. Tell our screens what to display, when to display it and they will digitally update automatically with any price changes, content updates and time/date. No more poster printing and distribution, this is all automatic and managed in real-time.

Or we can manage all this for you either on-site or off-site, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Interactive Tables & Public WiFi Internet Access

Digital Tables

We can fit digital tables in your cafe's, bars, restaurants and lounges, this will keep people sat until the last minute enjoying a coffee or a meal knowing they have the live travel information in front of them so will not miss their connections.

Save on the bar queues and allow people to order and pay directly from the table and only have a bar person bring the drinks over to the table. This would increase sales and free up the bar staff.

Additionally, the tables can be used to send an email, signup for services, update your facebook status, check the sports game or news, watch a video or keep the kids quiet and allow them to play a game.

Public Internet Access Points

Everyone wants to be connected all the time, whether it is to update your Facebook status, send a instant message, email your boss, contact loved ones, arrange a taxi or train ticket or whatever, we all need network connectivity.

Instead of using the internet as a direct revenue stream by charging for access, let users connect for free by signing up, and allow unlimited access, track the users movements, where they go, what access points they connect to, what shops they enter. These user details could then be used to market the shops they visited. Its all about linking the geo-data with the user data, why may like the designer clothes shops, follow up and send them related advertisements.

Sports and Entertainment Screens

Sports and Entertainment screens always draw the crowds. We can provide a high definition (or 4k) display screen showing a sports game (or entertainment).

Use the screen to show advertisement space around the sports games. Sell this space to your clients or stores in your Airport and show their offers and promotions. You could also show live travel information on the same screen, so people who are watching the games do not miss their connections.

Additional Airport Signage Solutions

Along with the above signage solutions, we can custom make virtually any idea you have and integrate it with your existing systems or we can create a completely new system for you and your staff to manage the advertising and screen systems.

Staffing and advertisement management

For some of our existing customers, it is often required as part of the support contact that we manage the advertising space and revenue. This is completely fine with us, we do this already for other clients, we can place a digital expert on your site who you will go to for anything related to digital signage, advertising, printing, or any digital hardware issues. This on site (or off site) contact will be our employee that will be responsible for assisting you and will be our account manager contact, this means you are only dealing with one account manager for all of your digital needs, this manager will manage all the aspects of your query and ultimately speed up the resolution time.

We do Digital Airport Solutions.

Let us take the headache out of setting up a new digital system.