We have Discontinued the ANPR Security Solution

As of January 2018 we have decided to discontinue the ANPR Security Solution we have previously provided (both through SecurityMonitoring.co.uk and tns.co.uk) to focus our resources into Digital Marketing solutions.

ANPR - Automatically record number plates.

The future of security is monitoring and accountability. We can install a CCTV camera that records all the vehicles entering and leaving a site. Our state of the art system is similar to the Police force's ANPR system we log times, dates, registrations and images from the camera every time a vehicle passes the camera.

You will be surprised how you managed without this system, it frees up your security staff and the slow manual logging in and out that everyone hates doing, it is fully automatic. You can see instantly who is on site and when they arrived of departed.

Fully automatic

The system starts working when a number plate is detected and logs the person in and out of the site with a snapshot (or video) of the vehicle.

Loved by customers

The easy to use interface is quit and intuitive, anyone can use it with some basic training, your IT department can use and store the logs for auditing.

Trusted and used in many security applications

One of the most useful applications could be managing who is on your site. If the number plate is recognised by the system the barrier automatically opens and lets the contractors vehicle on site, if the registration is not recognised, the barrier stays closed and does not allow access ensuring the on site security team can check the vehicle and staff member.

ANPR Systems

Using the latest leading security systems for the optimum number plate recognition system.

Useful applications

  • Gatehouse Security
  • Delivery Warehouses
  • School / University Car Parks
  • Shopping Centre Deliveries & Parking
  • Tracking and Parking Systems
  • Automatic Barrier and Entry Systems

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