Signage is virtually everywhere, you need it in your venue

Each time you visit a bar or a pub, you will probably notice a digital sign of some kind, it could be the interactive gaming machines, jukebox, televisions showing a sport game, the tills the bar staff use, digital promotional signage and even advertisements above the urinals or in the toilets, it is virtually everywhere.

  • Outside signage & screens
  • Entrance hallway signs
  • Bar advertising signs
  • Touch screen loyalty schemes
  • Games and interactive adverts
  • Children's entertainment
  • Large sport screens & projectors
  • Promotional advertising screens
  • Questionnaires and pub reviews
  • Point Of Sale (POS) cash registers
  • Professional grade CCTV
  • Internet and WiFi solutions

Pubs can benefit vastly by installing Digital Signage in key areas of your property.

Interact with your customers in real time, show them promotions and whats coming up to get return visits.

Update advertising in real time. Have expiring stock? Why not show a promotion to clear your stock.

Ordering solutions

We can setup an ordering system for your customers to allow them to order from the comfort of the table. Everyone hates waiting in a queue for their drinks, why do that when the technology is there to allow people to order from the table either by their phone or by the on-table touch screens.

tns is the one-stop-shop digital solutions provider.

Speak to us, let us help you realise the real potential or going digital.

tns (Touchscreens and Notice Signs Limited) is the market leader in Aroma, Scent and Fragrance Solutions, Digital Signage and Digital Printing Solutions. We are based in the UK but operate Worldwide. Working with different equipment providers allows us to correctly tailor the solution to best suit your needs and budget.
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