Professional Marketeers Wanted!

As any company does, we need good, reliable, passionate and intelligent employees to help build and grow our business(es).

Current opportunities:

Location: United Kingdom - Department: Aroma Solutions

We are looking for partners who are willing to work as a team to delivery Aroma, Scent and Fragrance solutions to businesses, hotels, shops, theme parks and anywhere that could benefit from the addition of fragrances.

We are looking to pay-per-lead (like a partner or affiliate for aroma solutions), contact us with your proposal.

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Location: United Kingdom - Department: Signage Solutions

We are seeking people with the right connections, ideally to companies requiring digital signage.

Using your knowledge and our signage solution expertise, we can work together in delivering quality and cutting edge digital signage solutions to end users. We will pay you for your successful leads (like a partner or affiliate for digital signage solutions), if you want to lead the project, or if you want to just pass on the lead, this is ok, you do as much or as little as you like and you could make money.

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