tns Expanding across the world

Author: James Worrell

tns has experienced a great year of growth in 2016, we now have agents in the USA, Spain and more office and partner locations across the UK (York, Liverpool, Milton Keynes + adding more soon).

If you would like us to work on any of your projects, please get in contact with us, we can arrange a visit with you wherever you are in the world, we will arrange a conference call in the first instance including the relevant people (Usually a project manager, someone from our software team and if required, someone from hardware or the creative media department).

Going forward, we once we have discussed everything you require, we will put together a plan of how we will fulfil the requirements we will come to your offices and present this to you along with samples and examples (where appropriate), the pricing to execute the project and a realistic timeline of when the work will be completed and ready to hand over to you. This can also include a training schedule for your staff and managers.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs, wants and requirements, we are looking forward to working with you...

Fragrance, Aroma and Scenting Solutions

Author: James Worrell

Along with digital signage solutions and custom signage software, we now also can provide a completely custom fragrance, aroma or scent solution for your business.

With the ability to provide a custom scent , fragrance or aroma for your product, venue, business, this will give a better environment for your customers. So if you are trying to increase customer dwell times, a more relaxed environment for your customers, build a brand to scent relationship (like in hotel lobby's), encouragement of passers by to enter into your shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel - we can help with all of these and more. Contact us now for an impartial chat.

Company Logo and site re-branding

Author: James Worrell

With the company changes, we are now undergoing a complete logo re-branding, this will be completed by 31st August 2016 when the new logo and website will be updated. We are also having new business cards and letterheads created for this process, please bear with us during this change.

Trusted Nationwide Security undergoes a name change to Touchscreens and Notice Signs Limited

Author: James Worrell

The company directors have decided to have a company wide revamp. In this changing market, we saw fit to expand into other areas of the digital market place. Our sister company (Phoenix Digital Solutions) provides Industrial Digital Printing solutions so we saw it fit to provide digital security in the way of digital high definition CCTV solutions and now, using our existing nationwide team of engineers, move into the Audio Video and Digital Signage market place.

With this mammoth move, we sought a name change from the previous company name of Trusted Nationwide Security Limited to the name we are now known as of Touchscreens and Notice Signs Limited, or tns for short. merges with Trusted Nationwide Security Limited

Author: James Worrell

We are happy to announce that a partnership between Trusted Nationwide Security Limited and has been established, we will be merging the two companies to make one company known as Trusted Nationwide Security Limited. has been known for many years as a CCTV supplier, installer and remote CCTV monitoring service that is basted out of York UK. Security Monitoring has CCTV monitoring customers that are located across the world that are monitored from our facility in York.

tns (Touchscreens and Notice Signs Limited) is the market leader in Aroma, Scent and Fragrance Solutions, Digital Signage and Digital Printing Solutions. We are based in the UK but operate Worldwide. Working with different equipment providers allows us to correctly tailor the solution to best suit your needs and budget.
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