• Promotional and Advertising
    Providing custom made digital screen solutions
  • Pub and Hotel Video Wall Solutions
    We can provide custom and tailored video and digital display solutions
  • Corporate and business video solutions
    Providing live video conference and training screen solutions

Hotel and Check-In Screens

Customers hate to be in a cue, let our screen speed up check in and checkout. Inform and educate customers of your products and services.

Pub and Display Screens

We all like to see the screen, install our top of the range screens, show relevant information and add your own advertisements.

Office and Corporate Displays

Video phones, reception and welcome screens, clock in and out screens and anything you can think of, we can provide custom solutions.

Up selling is the future

Our solutions can automatically promote your products and services. They do not feel uncomfortable pushing something.

Split Screens

Split screens are perfect for showing news and sports, but why not also use the same display area and show your venue's advertisements.

Digital screen solutions

We provide drop down screens, training and overhead screens and solutions as well as interactive reception welcoming and event screening.

staffing solutions for design applications
Who manages the Digital Displays?

We know it takes time to create content and keep it updated, let us take the strain and place one of our employees at your office managing the promotions.

This keeps your overheads low and digital content relevant and up to date.

Shop digital signage, estate agents, fast food, banks, shops
Intelligent marketing and entertainment.

Knowing that advertisements are big business, why not offset the cost of upgrading to our bespoke, top of the range services by selling advertising space on your screens. This is a great revenue stream that keeps on delivering long after you have bought and paid for your digital entertainment system from us.

Shop front digital signage
Complete Digital TV and Security Solutions.

All our customers love the fact that we are a holistic digital audio and video technology company with a wealth of knowledge and a team of our own expert engineers located across the UK. Displays, CCTV, Marketing and an ongoing service contact that surpasses our competitors.

Expert Solutions

Installed by us and supported by our suppliers: