Introducing Entertainment Scenting Solutions

This is quite futuristic but completely achievable with today's technology, read on... :)

We have a solution that would appeal to cinemas, theatre venues, home movie viewers and related industries trying to impart an extra sensory experience to their customers (or yourself).

We are in the process of developing a machine that will work in conjunction with movies (downloaded, dvd's, bluray, any kind of movie on any kind of medium), tv shows and adverts. Our machines will dispense a selected fragrance that is related to what is happening on the screen you are watching.

How does it work?

We pre-screen the movie, tv program, advert, entertainment and we create a recipe of scents, these recipes include information like: when the scents should be triggered, how intense the scents should be and for how long the scents should be active in the environment. These movie recipes will be downloadable from our website and these will be constantly updated as new movie titles, tv shows and adverts and scents become available.

In the future the scent bottles will be available for purchase with the movie you are purchasing (if the scents are required) or you can maintain your own library of scents that can be used with different movies.

Or advertisers will send out these bottles to our list of customers that have the machines as a free smell, these will be loaded into the machines and when the advertisement is played in the users home, this will trigger the scent machine to output the scent. Eg: Perfumes, coffee, new car smell...

Home Entertainment Scent Solutions

As you settle down to watch a movie, you would search our website for the movie you would like to watch, you could then select the fragrance recipe and send it to your MovieAromas box, these are the instructions that the box uses to enable the fragrances. Then you would load the fragrances as explained on the website, for example, this could be fragrance numbers: 14, 2, 5, 12, 9.

Now your MovieAromas box has the recipe and scents loaded, you can press start and begin your movie, the box will begin synchronising the scents with your movie that is playing. Dont worry if you pause the movie or skip parts, our MovieAromas box will keep up and know what scents to use and when.

When you are finished, the scent bottles can be kept and used for other movies. Replacement scents can be bought and replaced as they run out.

Movies all have different events happening and scent experiences, so we custom create the scents and timing recipies for each movie. Some movies will use some of the same scents, that is why we let you know what number scents to load into the MovieAroms box.

Cinema Scent Solutions

How would you know when to issue the scents?

We would need to pre-screen the movie and create the recipe of the scents. As the movie is playing we then instruct the pre-installed MovieAroma boxes to issue the aromas at the correct time with the movie. The MovieAromas boxes will automatically synchronise to the movie being played and issue the correct aromas for the movie being shown.

The amount of MovieAroma boxes that each cinema will need will depend on the amount of seats, the height of the ceiling, the room size and where the MovieAromas boxes are to be installed. We can help with all aspects of installation and training as required.

This MovieAroma solution is perfect for advertisers, we can show the advertisement for a fragrance and also emit the aroma, for example a new aftershave, a new car smell, coffee smell for a coffee chain, food smells, like popcorn to entice people to go buy more supplies. The cinema staff will be responsible for loading the scents into the machines as the movie titles change.

Theatre Scent Solutions

Theatre scenting is similar to the cinema solution where we install a few of our aroma boxes around your theatre and setup a trigger system, this can be timed or manually initiated by the lighting controller or another staff member.

The staff member will know when to issue which smell and for how long, this will take into account variations in the play or act being shown and keen an accurate experience for viewers between the show and scent machines.

Building on the above ideas we are working on now, how about the possibility to create customised scents that associate with your own brands, a fragrance, a new coffee smell, a food smell, a fresh meadow smell, these all could trigger emotions to want to encourage people to use your service, buy your goods or identify with your brand.

Contact us today, we want to get your fragrances out there and we are looking for advertisement partners wherever you are in the world.

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