Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions and if your question has not been answered, please get in touch.

We do installations and service contracts for people who want the complete package. We can come to your home and discuss with you the best way to protect your home. This will include a new installation of a suitable CCTV system, the complete setup of the cameras and network as well as the monitoring service after the installation is complete. We will do it all for you from start to finish. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

Yes of course you can, providing your screen's media player is connected to the internet you will be able to login and manage the digital content that is shown on the screen. You can update offers, promotions and pricing from anywhere in the world providing you are able to connect to the internet.

The sense of smell is a funny thing and if you are in the environment of a scenting machine for a period of around 10-20 minutes, you may not be able to smell the scents after this period of time. This is known as Nose Blindness and happens to everyone. Its not until the scent intensity changes or you leave the scented area and return back into it, you will not smell the fragrances until this change has been detected by your nose.

Properties all over the world can be monitored by us, as long as the property has an internet connection and a correctly configured network, we can login to it and monitor your system. We can even perform installations of CCTV equipment abroad. In this circumstance we could use photos and drawings to determine the best place to install the cameras and related security equipment, this saves on ther cost to travel to and from your property abroad. Once the setup and configuration has been decided, we will order the parts required and have the items delivered ready at the destination ready for installation, we will fly ourselves over there and stay either at the property or nearby and install the equipment, we will thoroughly test it and setup all required networks so we can log in remotely from the UK and administer the system from our offices over here.

Yes we do, we can monitor your property for any amount of hours a day and all day over weekends if you like, the service we supply can be completely tailored to your needs and requirements how large or small they are..

If someone is breaking into the property, we will act quickly and call the police. We will also call the key holder to keep you informed of what is going on at your property. We can also attend ourselves, so if you are paying for our manned service, we will attend on your behalf we do require a separate set of keys to be made available to use so when we attend we can access the property and check everything is ok we will also reset the alarms systems and call a window repair/board company to board up the property if a window or door has been broken to prevent other people accessing the building.

We work in and around the city of York in the United Kingdom. Depending on the contract, we can extend our coverage to suit your needs if required. Please get in touch with us to discuss and provide you a quote.

Yes, with our connections we can help staff most venues with staff as well as provide and install CCTV systems to run during the event.

Yes all data is secure that we maintain, we ensure that any user information is encrypted in our databases as well as backups that are created of the video and image data captured from clients cameras.