The future of marketing: Fragrance Scent Aroma Essence Perfume Incense Odor Smell Marketing.

By utilising more of the human senses for marketing, we can help achieve better customer retention
longer "linger time", more relaxed customer experience, better brand association and many more benefits.

We can help with small and large applications

Small applications

Ideal for small spaces to have fragrance, like the home, small shops and spas.

Large applications

Great for entire buildings, hotels, receptions, restaurants, bars and theme parks.

Everything needed to enhance your customer's experiences

Contact us with any questions you have regarding fragrance marketing and fragrance solutions.

Benefits of Fragrance Marketing

There are so many benefits that come with investing in Fragrance Marketing:

Improved customer Experience

Improved company profitability

Improved Brand Loyalty

Improved Brand Recognition

Relax your customers

Increased sales

Longer customer dwell time

Better brand impact

Smell is great for brand association

Increased quality perception

More willing to buy in a scented environment

Customer remember scented shops and businesses

75% of emotions are triggered by smell alone

Tap into this with your customers, present a nice calming and relaxing scent and your customers attitudes will change.