Welcoming Your Guests with Custom Signage

Your guests want to be engaged as soon as they arrive, but sometimes there are queues and delays, no one wants that when they arrive at a venue that you have paid to be at, the customer expects to get the keys and go to the property or room as soon as possible.

When they are in the reception area, show them advertisements, whats on, what is coming up, up-sell's, venue services and facilities, spa treatments, special offers and anything that the guests could be interested in during their stay.

Check in and Guest Registration Systems

Our systems and integrate with your booking systems, why not allow the guests to check in via the touch screens. We can create a catchy, easy to use interactive check in solution that will integrate with your existing systems, this terminal can show all the relevant information, create the room keys (key-card systems) and deliver them to the guest and get them out of the reception area and in the bar or rooms sooner. We can make a custom solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

A check-in service will not be for everyone, but if it is quicker than queuing for the reception, a lot of people may prefer to use the digital check-in systems.

Go-To Maps with Up-Sell Facilities

Tap your phone to the NFC area to interact and copy data from the digital terminal to your phone.

The go-to maps are a great, fast and useful way for people to find out where they are going at the holiday park.

Simply enter a room number, villa number or an identifying name of the place you want to get to from the touch screen, it will show a detailed map showing the fastest route (or a custom route) if you prefer, to the destination they have entered.

Additionally, if the venue has been mapped by Google, the user can touch their phone to the NFC (Near Field Communication) port or scan the 2D QR Code which contains the destination co-ordinates, this will work with all the smart phones location services and direct the user, via their own mobile phone and Google Maps to the destination as entered on your Go-To maps terminal.

Also, show the guests what else is in the area, or what they will pass on the way, this could help with up-selling and even alert them to a service they didn't know you had.

What's On? Holiday Park Entertainment Guide

Save thousands, stop designing and printing those whats-on leaflets and have digital "Whats On" guide available to your guests, showing up to the minute entertainment information along with offers and prices.

Taking the Whats-On guide further, you could have guests make real time bookings via the terminal. They could view previous entertainment videos, view a life feed of the entertainment from anywhere in the holiday park or book a table.

Book and Reserve Additional Services

Allow the screens to be your advertising space and have customers commit to services as soon as they feel like it, they can browse the Holiday Park Spa treatment catalogue, see videos of the Wellness Centre and decide to book there and then. This will increase sales and foot fall into the spa area.

Take table bookings for your restaurants. After time you can build trends and see when, where and how your table bookings are made. This can help with stock and staffing levels and assist you to plan and run your restaurants.

Loyalty Schemes and Questionnaires

Loyalty schemes are a great way to engage with the customer, find out what they like, where they like to stay and how much they like to pay. When a user signs up for your loyalty program, you can use their contact information responsibly and directly engage with your customer and advertise to them what they are interested in and when they are most likely to want to hear from you, for example around their birthday, send them a spa treatment offer or if there's a mens-interest show in the area and a male has registered for your service, send them an offer.

Data capture in questionnaires and quiz's is a great way to engage your customers and learn where you can improve your services and holiday park.

Interactive Televisions

If you are not doing this already or thinking about it, you need this solution. In room / accommodation, interactive televisions.

If the television is placed in the right position in the accommodation, you could be making money by only providing the hardware and you will be reaping 100% of the profits, do you think it would be a good idea to allow your guests the ability to;

  • Order food to the accommodation, without having to get out a laptop or make a phone call.
  • Find out more information about the services at your holiday park.
  • Check on the current charges made to the room for food and drinks.
  • Checkout from the comfort of their accommodation or room.
  • Book a table in your restaurant or a taxi.
  • See the latest news, information, location maps, share prices, weather.
  • Find out what is in the local area, attractions, venues whats on and more.
  • Let the kids play an interactive game or show an on-demand movie.
  • Send an email or checkout a website for more information.
  • Update your Facebook status or Skype a friend.
  • Show local business advertisements, paid or for free*.
  • Plus a lot more, you decide, you are in control.

* We can manage your venue advertisements, we will contact local businesses in the area that are relevant and collect payments to advertise on your screens, this will mean there could be a service charge, but this will greatly offset the cost to buy and install these screens and in some instances the signage solutions could be completely free for your hotel or attraction. Contact us to discuss these options.

Custom Holiday Park Signage Ideas

The above is a great start for your holiday park into the world of digital signage, but if you have another idea that you have thought of but it is not listed here, we can work with you, under a Non Disclosure Agreement to build the app, software, booking system, custom integration or provide the solution you are looking for. We are always looking for holiday parks, hotels or any kind of leisure company to work with.

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