Welcoming Your Guests with Custom Signage

Welcome your guests to the hotel by using company logos, photographs, videos and audio.

When guests arrive at your venue, why not show a digital screen showing an instantly recognisable photo or a company logo, the visitor then touches the screen to select the venue they are attending, extra information is then shown showing the directions to the meeting room or location in the hotel where everyone is convened.

These solutions will free up the hotel staff to deal with your current hotel residents and customers, it also reduces queues at the reception desk and helps users have a better experience at the hotel.

Interactive Concierge Services

Allow users to interact with a digital concierge showing the local services, venues, attractions, bars and restaurants. These advertising solutions can allow local businesses to advertise in your hotel for free, paid advertising or a mixture of the two to suit your business model.

Managed advertising solutions

Why not allow a local businesses to pay for an increased advertisement placement on your digital concierge. We can manage all the content on your screen remotely from our offices, we will source the local businesses who may be interested in advertising on your screen. The types of businesses who maybe interested in paying for advertising could be; local attractions, food delivery, pubs in the area, restaurants and car rental. There are many different sectors who would like to be able to advertise directly to your hotel guests. We would negotiate a weekly or monthly rate to suit the local businesses and any residual income generated from the screens would be paid to the hotel as an additional revenue stream.

Hotel room booking and concierge services. Allow users to book their next stay at your hotel and see at a glance any room availably and instant bookings.

Digital Advertising and Posters

Digital Advertisements

We can furnish your bar, restaurant, cafe, venue with high quality digital signage.

Choose from various digital screen solutions, we can make custom screen cabinets to suit the venue we will be advertising in. We can also tailor the screen content so it is suitable for your venue. This includes advertisement colours used, advertisement transitions, wording and any part of the screen solution.

You can use your own staff to control and manage your advertisements and promotions, these can be instructed to run at certain times of the day, different days of the month, weekends, mid-week, it is all automatic. Tell our screens what to display, when to display it and they will digitally update automatically with any price changes, content updates and time/date. No more poster printing and distribution, this is all automatic and managed in real-time.

News and Information Screens

Show the very latest in information with a managed news feed showing any news you specify. Either your company or we can manage the news and information shown on your digital displays. We can tailor the news, stocks, shares, weather, time, dates, events, video feeds, CCTV, or anything you would like to have shown on your screens.

If you have guests who are travelling, why not show the latest flights, ferry times or the train or bus time tables in real-time, this could keep guests happier knowing they have time to have another drink or spend longer in your hotel rather than waiting at the train station or airport.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment always draw the crowds, we can provide a high definition (or better) display screen showing a sports game (or entertainment), but around the side and the bottom of the live video feed, we can display your hotel services, promotions, room rates and special offers along with news feeds or any other information you would like guests to see.

Loyalty Schemes and Data Capture

Loyalty schemes are a great way to engage with the customer, find out what they like, where they like to stay and how much they like to pay. With their contact information you can directly engage with your customer and advertise to them what they are interested in and when they are most likely to want to hear from you.

With your screens in the hotel reception area, at the bar, in the hotel rooms, we can capture the guests data and enrol them into your loyalty program and offer them selected discounts and promotions.

You could also use the screens to capture data in real-time to see where your guests think you could improve and where you are exceeding customer expectations.

Interactive Digital Tables

One of the best ways to keep someone interested and using your hotel services is to have several interactive digital tables available to your guests in your venue. With these you could;

  • Read the newspaper while having your morning coffee.
  • Catch up on the sport or news in the area.
  • Plug in your headphones and watch some on-demand, catch up tv.
  • Update your Facebook or social media status.
  • Order a round of drinks and avoid the queue at the bar.
  • Order food, charge it to your room and have it brought to the table.
  • Let the kids play an interactive custom built game or design their own custom pizza cooked fresh by the in house chef.
  • Send a quick email to a business colleague.
  • Book your next stay at the hotel.

In-Room Interactive Solutions

This is where the magic can happen with digital interactive signage screens. Do not think of a television as a one-way data screen, we provide a 2 way data stream between your guests and the hotel. You can use an in-room television for the following and much more, contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • In room information, entertainment and booking service.
  • Allow your visitors the extended ability to find out local information and attractions.
  • Order from a local takeaway menu.
  • Book a spa, massage or table in the restaurant.
  • Order room service and drinks directly to the room.
  • Skype friends and family or the receptionist.
  • Book a taxi, newspaper or a morning wake up call.
  • Order an in-room movie or something for the little ones.
  • Browse the hotels facilities and any evening entertainment.
  • Check their current room charges, pay for services and check out via the television.
  • Adjust your rooms lighting and temperature with the swipe of a finger.

Additional hotel signage ideas

Along with all of the above ideas and solutions we provide, how about some more, think about engaging your customers, what would they like to do while visiting a hotel.

Why not allow them to take a photo of themselves, or their group and email that photo to their friends, this will engage and entertain them and allow you to capture their email address and name (and possibly more information), it will also allow you to send a logo and hotel information to the end user and to the person who sends the photo. You could even go further and have the user upload this photo to their Facebook profile (or Twitter), allowing other data capture.

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