We have Discontinued the CCTV Monitoring Services

As of January 2018 we have decided to discontinue the CCTV Monitoring service we have previously provided (both through SecurityMonitoring.co.uk and tns.co.uk) to focus our resources into Digital Marketing solutions.

The Right Solution

Our solutions are completely tailored to suit your individual requirements. After you make contact with us, we will review your needs and requirements and come up with a solution that suits your needs.

What is CCTV Remote Monitoring?

This is a service we provide where you have a CCTV installed at your location, depending how new your systems are, this can be viewed remotely over the internet. Instead of you monitoring your property, we will do this on your behalf and act accordingly if we see intruders or other incidents.

By the use of our Remote CCTV camera viewing service, we can secure your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year at a very competitive price. This means you can relax more knowing that your property and belongings are completely safe.
With our top of the range monitoring service we monitor, record and log everything that happens at your premises any time of the day and night, this helps reduce your losses and prevents crime and vandalism happening to you, your staff or your property.

Our professional grade camera monitoring software is the top of the range when it comes to movement detection and reporting. Once the software detects movement in a pre-defined zone of the camera, it will alert the camera operator of the alert and bring up a large view of your camera, as well as time lapse recording, it will also start another recording 10 seconds before the event, so we can go back and see exactly what happened and when.

If you have the capabilities, we can send audible warnings to people as an active deterrent, for example, if someone is looking suspicious at your property, we can track them with PTZ cameras (if available) as well as issue an audio warning that the property is being monitored and that the person is live on camera. This will more often than not completely deter the person so they leave the property and cause no damage to your business or home.

What do I need?

There are thousands of different CCTV configurations out there, stand alone systems, DVR recorders, NVR Recorders

and other computer controlled system setups.
The chances are you will have a DVR or a NVR system that is installed at your location (or will have soon), these allow a connection to our monitoring station enabling us to watch the cameras activities remotely from our offices.

I have a surveillance system already installed

This is probably ok, if you can view your system your self on your home computer, iPad or tablet or on your mobile phone, then we can also access your camera feeds from our offices.
If you have a system that is installed and are not sure if it can work with our monitoring service, then get in contact with us and send us the make and model of your unit and we can look into this for you.

I do not have a security system installed yet

Perfect, this will mean that you can definitely use our services. If you have an installer lined up to perform the installation at your property, just be sure to ask the installer to ensure the NVR or DVR that is installed is network compatible, so the cameras can be seen over the internet. A good CCTV installer will know exactly waht you are trying to achieve and will setup everything you need, if they have any questions, refer them to our website and we can help them.
If you contact us before you install your CCTV systems we can advise you in what you need to install to get the best our of your equipment and to make it compatible with any remote viewing service, not just our own.

What do I do now

I am sure our services can work for you, no matter how big or small your requirements, talk to us and we can help. The first step is to get in contact with us, detailing your needs and what you want us to do for you, remember there is no obligation to use our services and we will never cold call you, we only proceed with any order once you are happy with what we have to offer and our prices.