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  1. Cabins, Caravans, Boats and Property Sales Fragrancing

    Its not a new sales technique to put a fragrance into a property during sale. This has been around for a while now. This can be used for many different types of property sale, from houses, villas, boats, aeroplanes, cars, caravans, lodges and cabins plus many more uses.

    Fragances are often connected to exclusive or VIP properties. Imagine if a carefully selected set of fragrances are used in a prestige yacht to help with the sale.Luxury Yacht Fragrance Machines

    Great uses of fragrance examples for boat sales:

    • On a yacht, the Den/Cubby could be decorated with extravagant wood  so the accompanying fragrance of wood, smoke, old books, almost a musky musty smell, but this would all people to settle into the room and find it more inviting. It helps sell the illusion of
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  2. Hotel and fragrance - How far does it go?

    Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

    To everyone who has taken soaps from your hotel room; "Thank you, you are a fragrance-brand ambassador!"

    How is this? You ask. You do not promote the hotel to anyone. You haven’t been telling people of your stay at a hotel. Read on to find out how hotels use fragrance to help promote their hotel, even long after you your guests have left.

    What some hotels have realised is that when guests stay at their hotel, they like to take a souvenir form the hotel, this serves as a reminder of the good times that were had by the guests, what better than the free complementary soaps in the hotel room, we don’t use them all, there is usually something left over after your stay. But how can hotels use this to promote their business?

    If a hotel creates a “brand-ar

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  3. New Smart Phone App Controlled Fragrance Machines

    Smart Phone App Controlled Fragrance MachinesWiFi App controlled fragrance machines - Old Version

    We know that fragrance machines are not usually left out for people to tamper with so they are usually put somewhere that is not easy to access, only when you need to replace the fragrance oils.

    This being the case, it can quite often be difficult to re-program, this was before the time of App controlled fragrance machines, like our new range of fragrance machines, they are now WiFi / Smart Phone App controlled.

    Checkout our shop: WiFi App Controlled Fragrance Machines.

    You can now control t

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  4. Relaxing your customers using Aroma

    Relaxing Your Customers Using Aroma

    Relaxing your customers with aromasHave you ever thought why some businesses put an ambient scent into an area of their shop, business or service?

    There are many benefits of having an ambient fragrance working for you in your business, a few of the examples could be to associate a brand or service to a scent, to encourage a more relaxed state, to build upon an experience or add a depth to an experience, to entice people into your business or encourage the purchase of something that smells good.

    Here are a few key reasons why businesses are now turning to aromas and fragrance marketing.

    Spas and hotels are renowned for using fragrances and aromas in their reception areas, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and swimming pool areas. This is a g

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  5. Bathrooms and Scents

    Bathrooms and Scents

    Bathroom Scenting and Aromas

    You or your company may go to a lot of trouble to ensure your bathrooms are kept clean and tidy but you should also make sure you give your visitors an added feeling of freshness and class to your bathrooms by using aromas and scents.

    By using a fragrance machine to add an ambient clean fragrance, such as a pine or similar smell, this will help backup that the bathroom is clean and well maintained.

    Some of our fragrance machines are Smart Fragrance Machines - They connect to your WiFi network and you can control the fragrance level and duration from your Smart Phone! No need to climb up a ladder to get the machine down and reprogram, easy, do it from your office on your smart phone, you don't even have to go into the bathroom to do it.

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  6. Digital Signage and Aroma marketing

    Digital Signage working with Aroma Marketing.

    Cosmetic Digital Signage and Aromas

    So its not new to link up a digital signage display and an aroma marketing diffuser, they work perfectly well together and compliment the message they need to convey.

    What we find is that the fragrances draw people to the digital signage (providing they are a well chosen, attractive scent) and the digital signage show extended information about the aroma or service being offered.

    As seen in the article image, this works particularly well for the cosmetic companies, they can put out a fragrance and the screens will show the promotion on offer, maybe a new fragrance or a discount. This doesn’t directly replace an employee with a fragrance bottle who will approach customers and talk to them about the new promotion, b

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  7. Scent Marketing Basics

    Scent Marketing Introduction

    James WorrellJames Worrell guides us through the Fragrance Marketing Basics.

    Remember these techniques are not to be followed completely, and should be used more as a starting guide to aroma marketing.

    First of all, different scents will have your customers acting differently, remember to think like your customers, think, what would you like to experience when in a petrol station, supermarket, restaurant?
    Would it be Coffee? Food? Snacks or all of the above.

    Are you visiting for convenience, you need milk and bread? Flowers for your partner? Or a business trip and you need a break and a coffee? These are just some of the first questions you should be asking yourself when mark

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  8. Theme Park and Attraction Scents

    Theme Park and Attraction Scenting

    Disney and SmellitizersFor years theme parks and other entertainment businesses whose whole agenda is to create an experience for guests have been scenting the air in their attractions and parks. These aromas build memories in their guests, children and visitors, this scenting works well and alongside with the other stimulants these attractions employ;

    • Sight and visual stimulants, these can be bright colours, bright lights, characters dressed up dancing around entertaining people, some different areas of the attraction are themed to give the appearance of being somewhere else.
    • Sounds, there are many sounds going on around you, for example catchy music being played, music is also great at setting a theme, for example a haunted house may player slower spooky sounds
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