Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

To everyone who has taken soaps from your hotel room; "Thank you, you are a fragrance-brand ambassador!"

How is this? You ask. You do not promote the hotel to anyone. You haven’t been telling people of your stay at a hotel. Read on to find out how hotels use fragrance to help promote their hotel, even long after you your guests have left.

What some hotels have realised is that when guests stay at their hotel, they like to take a souvenir form the hotel, this serves as a reminder of the good times that were had by the guests, what better than the free complementary soaps in the hotel room, we don’t use them all, there is usually something left over after your stay. But how can hotels use this to promote their business?

If a hotel creates a “brand-aroma association” - where their guests will recognise the brand of the hotel when they smell the brands signature aroma.

Hotel cosmetics and public space branding

In addition to the aroma brand association of the soap, you will also print the hotel details on the soap packaging so a guest can contact you and book another stay.

While a guest stays in your hotel you can promote your brand aroma to them. In the public areas, such as bars, restaurants, reception, business areas, gym, spa there could be a series of aroma diffuser machines (also known as a Smellitzer®), these would have the "hotel brand aroma" loaded. Along with this, have toiletries made with the same brand aroma. When the complementary soaps are taken home by guests and used, these will emit the same hotel brand aroma and this could remind the guest of the good time and experience they had at your hotel. This could initiate another booking.

In addition to this, when you send out promotional material to your guest’s home address with offers and promotions, you could also use your brand aroma scented stationery that the guest will smell upon opening your promotional posting, this too could initiate another booking.

The aroma that the hotel chooses for their brant-aroma should be a relaxing, calming and most importantly a subtle fragrance so people are not turned off from the intensity of the aroma.

So don’t feel guilty in future when taking those fragranced soaps and toiletries, you are helping the hotel and promote its brand. Additionally, a lot of hotels, especially the more up-market hotels, will not reuse hotel room toiletries, so if you don’t take then, they will end up being disposed of and no one benefitting from them. This is because a hotel can not risk that the toiletries have been tampered with by the previous guest.

Hotel toiletries and hotel aroma marketing

Contact tns today, we can help you create this solution for your hotel or business, we can help with supplying the fragrance machines, installing them, help with bran aroma creation and the direct mail and promotional printed materials that contain your brand aroma.

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