We have two different types of fragrance oil to try and cater for all customers, these are a Standard and Premium fragrance oil.

As a customer, you are probably going to be interested in what this means for you and what is best suited to your application. Hopefully this blog post will help you determine which is best suited do you and your fragrance oil use.

All fragrance oils are made up of two different parts, these are a carrier liquid and the fragrance compounds themselves.

The carrier liquids can be one of many different types of carrier liquid, such as caster oil, coconut oil, glycol and many other (usually) non-scented carrier liquids.

The fragrance part are a hydrocarbon compound formed from a mixture of both natural and/or synthetic compounds, these blend together in various measures to make a fragrance, scent or smell.

People ask why it is not possible to get the maximum strength of a fragrance, this is a good question and important that people understand that some fragrances, mixtures or compounds can be very toxic. This can be that they are corrosive on some surfaces and could cause other problems with breathing or allergic reactions, this is why all fragrance oils sold to the public are diluted down so they are safe to handle.

With this being known, you can understand why we sell two strengths of fragrance oil, the Premium oil is the strongest level we are allowed to sell to the public. Any stronger than this and it could cause problems with some surfaces and other issues.

The way this is regulated is that the oils we sell are either IFRA certified as safe of the ingredients we use in the fragrance is IFRA certified.

In regard to the Standard fragrance oils we sell, these contain a level around 60 percent of the Premium strength fragrance oils. To achieve this, we add extra carrier liquids and emulsifiers to the fragrance oils to dilute them down to the Standard level.

The benefit of the Standard oil is that because we add these emulsifiers to the oil, it mostly allows the fragrance oil to mix with waters, soy and paraffin wax. The emulsifiers that are added to the fragrance oils help the oil carry in the environment when used. Our standard fragrances are better for adding to Wax.

Sometimes a too strong fragrance is not needed, especially when aroma marketing, a too strong smell can put people off and have an adverse effect on what you would like to achieve and your customers could leave your premises.

When browsing our products, look out for the part numbers we used, for example a FRAG-ST shows it is a Standard oil strength and the FRAG-PR is the premium strength fragrance oil order number.

When working with fragrances and oils, one of the hardest things we face is trying to get our customers to understand that there are many different levels of fragrance oil and qualities. A lot of our competitors oils may at first seem stronger when opening the bottle, but you need to understand that there are tricks that are used to make this appear stronger, this is because they use other volatile organic compounds, these make the fragrances evaporate quicker, this evaporation makes the scent travel quickly up your nose making you think you have a stronger mix of fragrance, when this is not necessarily the case. Another point to note when using these other fragrances is that these will not last as long as they have chemicals in them designed to make them evaporate faster.

Standard Fragrance Oils:
Suitable for most applications, wax additions and every day aroma use.

Premium Fragrance Oils:
Suitable for atomic nebulization as in our automatic variable fragrance diffuser machines.