This is a subjective topic, some people class them as the same thing, an aroma is a scent and a scent is an aroma but why would there be a different word for the same thing? Lol

I have done a bit of research on this subject to see what the internet thought of this, and from what I can see the following applies in most (but not all cases):

A Scent is the smell of an object, an item, an animal, a thing. So for example, the scent of a man or woman, people have talked of a Scent Attraction between people, so a person could walk past you and their scent could attract your attention, people have got married just off the back of being attracted by the scent of a person.

An animal can “Scent” an area to leave a musk for other animals.

A perfume, a flower, a candle can have a Scent.

An aroma could be classed as a mixture of fragrances, so for example a freshly cooked pie could give off an aroma, theres not just 1 smell that goes in to make the smell of a pie, a combination of items that go together to create the smell of a pie, could be pastry, apples, meat, vegetables etc….

The same could apply for a fresh baked bread loaf, this is a combination of ingredients, such as flower, water, yeast that when baked together create an aroma. A collection of ingredients in a wine could also create an a smell that would be called an aroma and would less likely be called a scent.

What about rotting fish… what is that? Is it more of a “Smell”? It wouldn’t typically be called a “rotting fish aroma” or a “rotting fish scent”, surely it’s a “rotting fish smell”? So we now have another descriptive word for an aroma or a scent.

It could also have something to do with context, for example “that aroma machine is emitting a nice scent”, would you use the word aroma twice in the same sentence? For example: “that aroma machine is emitting a nice aroma”? Does that work? For some it will and others it will not. Its subjective.

I don’t think there are any rules and regulations on this subject, I would like to find out other peoples experiences on this subject and any thoughts on this subject.