automatic fragrance machines

  1. Cabins, Caravans, Boats and Property Sales Fragrancing

    Its not a new sales technique to put a fragrance into a property during sale. This has been around for a while now. This can be used for many different types of property sale, from houses, villas, boats, aeroplanes, cars, caravans, lodges and cabins plus many more uses.

    Fragances are often connected to exclusive or VIP properties. Imagine if a carefully selected set of fragrances are used in a prestige yacht to help with the sale.Luxury Yacht Fragrance Machines

    Great uses of fragrance examples for boat sales:

    • On a yacht, the Den/Cubby could be decorated with extravagant wood  so the accompanying fragrance of wood, smoke, old books, almost a musky musty smell, but this would all people to settle into the room and find it more inviting. It helps sell the illusion of
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  2. New Smart Phone App Controlled Fragrance Machines

    Smart Phone App Controlled Fragrance MachinesWiFi App controlled fragrance machines - Old Version

    We know that fragrance machines are not usually left out for people to tamper with so they are usually put somewhere that is not easy to access, only when you need to replace the fragrance oils.

    This being the case, it can quite often be difficult to re-program, this was before the time of App controlled fragrance machines, like our new range of fragrance machines, they are now WiFi / Smart Phone App controlled.

    Checkout our shop: WiFi App Controlled Fragrance Machines.

    You can now control t

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