1. What is the difference between an aroma and a scent?

    This is a subjective topic, some people class them as the same thing, an aroma is a scent and a scent is an aroma but why would there be a different word for the same thing? Lol

    I have done a bit of research on this subject to see what the internet thought of this, and from what I can see the following applies in most (but not all cases):

    A Scent is the smell of an object, an item, an animal, a thing. So for example, the scent of a man or woman, people have talked of a Scent Attraction between people, so a person could walk past you and their scent could attract your attention, people have got married just off the back of being attracted by the scent of a person.

    An animal can “Scent” an area to leave a musk for other animals.

    A perfume, a flower, a candle can have a Scent.

    An aroma could be classed as a mixture of fragrances, so for example a freshly cooked pie could give off an aroma, theres not just 1 smell that goes in to make the smell of

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  2. Aftershaves and Perfumes - Fragrance Oil

    All of our fragrances are made to order when placed with us, and we host most fragrances and stock of each, some larger quantities may need more processing time.

    We can also provide similar fragrance oils to the list of below well known fragrances:

    1 Million by Paco Rabane
    Acqua de Parma
    Alien by Thierry Mugler
    Angel for Men by Thierry Mugler
    Angel for Women by Thierry Mugler
    Beautiful' by Estee Lauder.
    Black Opium' by Yves Sain Laurent.
    Black Orchid' by Tom Ford
    Bon Bon – Viktor Rolf
    Burberry Original
    Chance by Chanel
    CK Be' by Calvin Klein.
    CK One' by Calvin Klein.
    Classique by John Paul Gaultier
    Code by Giorgio Armani
    Cool Water by Davidoff
    Daisy – Marc Jacobs
    Decadence' by Mark jacobs.
    Diamonds – G Armani
    Eternity for men' by Calvin Klein
    Eternity for women' by Calvin Klein
    Euphoria by Calvin Klein
    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
    Five – Eliz

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  3. Premium and Standard Fragrance Oil Differences

    We have two different types of fragrance oil to try and cater for all customers, these are a Standard and Premium fragrance oil.

    As a customer, you are probably going to be interested in what this means for you and what is best suited to your application. Hopefully this blog post will help you determine which is best suited do you and your fragrance oil use.

    All fragrance oils are made up of two different parts, these are a carrier liquid and the fragrance compounds themselves.

    The carrier liquids can be one of many different types of carrier liquid, such as caster oil, coconut oil, glycol and many other (usually) non-scented carrier liquids.

    The fragrance part are a hydrocarbon compound formed from a mixture of both natural and/or synthetic compounds, these blend together in various measures to make a fragrance, scent or smell.

    People ask why it is not possible to get the maximum strength of a fragrance, this is a good question and important

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