Digital Signage FAQ

How can Digital Signage help my business?

Digital signage is everywhere now, used in businesses, for information, promotional images and text, entertainment where information and a live video feed share the same screen and any other use you can think of.

  • By informing your customers of the latest offers, this empowers the customers so they know what they should look out for in the shop, this may encourage a purchase even if this was not the item sought. Especially when the offer appears as a “one-off” flash-deal, today only, buy now offers do particularly well, the customer does not want to go away from your business thinking they could miss out.
  • It can show whats coming up, what offers and promotions and a taster of something that’s soon to be in store, by wetting the customers appetite, this could encourage a return visit later, for example, in the TV area, show an offer that is coming soon, this could encourage the people browsing this area to signup for an alert, return next week, take information on a product or engage the customer in another way. A different area of your shop could have another digital screen showing another up-coming promotion for that area.
  • Entertainment is useful in certain areas of your business, for example if you have a bar or café with entertainment, people are more likely to engage and watch the screens. Around the entertainment feed could be placed your bars adverts, promotions, twitter feed or whatever to promote your business.
  • Information screens and systems, next customer systems, waiting time systems, countdown systems, general customer / public facing screens showing any kind of updated information that can be controlled by a sensor or a push-button, for example, when a checkout queue is available or a cashier is available.
  • Log in / Sign in / Check in systems. We can integrate with your existing backend database systems to allow for a check in system. If the cashier or receptionist what would usually attend to your customers is busy, why not automate the process by allowing people to check in via a fully configured system, this will free up your staff for important tasks and save the mundane check-ins.
  • Augmented reality, why not allow your customers to view what a piece of clothing looks like without having to visit the changing room. We can provide a digital mirror that will show an image of you, but will super-impose a piece of clothing on to your body to give the impression of you wearing it.

There are so many different applications for digital signage.

Can it make me money?

Yes we can install, service and support the digital screen all for FREE. All you do is allow us to place advertisements on to the screen from surrounding businesses that will pay for the screen hardware, you also get to promote your business on the same screen and get a cut of the revenue generated by the screens.

How long will it take to get my order?

Depending on the order, if we have cleared funds by Monday we can work fast and have the screen in your premeses (in the UK and possibly worldwide depending on shipments and stock levels) by the end of the week. This will be a tried, tested and verified unit that has a 3 year warranty.

Custom software development

We can absolutely create a custom software solution for you, depending on your requirements, no project to large or too small, let us create the signage software for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.