Shipping and Packaging Policy

Fragrance Marketing Products

Fragrances, Aromas and Scent Delivery

Our fragrances are manufactured in the United Kingdom and all have COSHH sheets available upon request.

Fragrance oils are corrosive and should be handled with care. This is why when we ship the fragrances, we seal them in an air and water tight bag, just in case on the rare occasion the containers that they are in leak.

The protective shipping bags are air-tight and should be recycled where allowed and disposed of responsibly. Do not allow children or pets to play with the plastic bags or any packaging we send.

Fragrance, Aroma and Scent machines

All our Smellitzer Scent Diffuser Machines are manufactured in China. They are all CE approved for use in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Smellitzer machines will be sent from our factory in China directly to your location or from our UK facility. Please allow for shipping delivery lead-times.
There maybe duty on some of our items, this is dependant on your country and your customs procedures. This is something out of our control. Please allow for this when placing your orders. If shipping and customs duty is shown on an invoice or quote (eg. for larger orders) then this is included in our price.

While our website is kept up to date, we can not guarantee it is perfect and in some circumstances our shipping calculator could fail estimate the shipping costs accurately. If you suspect this, please email us directly with your order and we will generate a custom quote.

Digital Signage Products

Digital Screens - UK Delivery

Our digital screens can be very large and will be heavy, handling precaution should be observed when handling the packages and installing them.

Do not stand on the items if they are flat-packed as this could damage the screen.

They will be professionally wrapped, boxed up and protected for shipping. This wrapping must be handled appropriately and recycled where possible.

Do not allow children to play with the packaging form any product, especially plastic bags.

Worldwide delivery

We have sent digital screens worldwide, so if you require a digital screen, digital totem or any similar screen delivering to your location, worldwide, please conatct us for a custom quote.