Go-to Interactive Maps with NFC

Our easy to use map solutions can help a visitor, regardless of their technical ability, to find what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly.

We can show a map with stores, restaurants, facilities, services and anything else you would like to show digitally on the screen.

The maps can be touch screen and interactive, they can zoom into areas, rotate, show video or advertising information as well as special offers or promotional codes.

Additionally, if the venue has been mapped by Google Maps, the user can touch their phone to the NFC (Near Field Communication) port on the screen or scan the 2D QR Code which contains the destination co-ordinates, this will work with all the smart phones location services and direct the user, via their own mobile phone data and Google Maps to the destination as entered on your Go-To maps terminal.

Digital Advertising and Posters

Digital Advertisements

One of the best ways to engage a customer and allow them to integrate with the brand is to allow them to use the interactive wall mounted and free standing display screens.

Wit these solutions, we integrate a system with your existing back-end systems, this allows for stock lookup, store locations, newsletter signups, promotions, upcoming events, job positions and anything you would like to add. Customers love this. We can also capture data from the customer whey they have come from, what they intend to buy and if their visit was a worthwhile one.

News and Information Screens

The news and informations screens are a great way to keep the customer updated with news, sports, local events, promotions, offers, new store openings or job positions.

Taking the system further, for example, a photo of a lost child could be put onto the screen alerting other people to look for this child and and alert security staff if the child has been spotted.

We have found that these screens also help reduce store theft, we can show a live CCTV feed on the screen, showing that the shopping centre is fitted with a high-tec security system and this could deter theft (we can also provide, install and support CCTV and security solutions).

Loyalty Schemes and Data Capture

By letting the stores in your shopping centre the ability to advertise and capture date from customers is a great way to help build your shopping centre foot-fall and therefore allow your stores to stay profitable and keep paying their rent in your shopping centre.

With the captured data, you could sell this back to the stores or allow them to advertise to these customers via your newsletters.

If you have a smart data capture system, you could advertise to this customer around their birthday, send them offers or promotions that they may be interest in purchasing.

Additional Shopping Centre Signage Ideas

A shopping centre should be a place where people should feel relaxed, safe and can spend the day without having to worry about car parking costs. Without the thought of thieves looking to break into their cars and steal their purchases or theft from stores happening around them. The more comfortable and relaxed they feel in your shopping centre, the more likely they are to return and the more likely they are to spend more money in your stores.

Let us help buld this ambiance by providing a one stop shop for security, cctv, digital information screens, custom digital advertising solutions and a lot more, call us in for a meeting to discuss what we have done for other shopping centres - Let us build the relaxed shopping experience together.

We are the digital signage solutions provider!

We can provide any of the above listed solutions plus a lot more, discuss with us today your requirements.