Providing a Financial Solution to Digital Signage

We are that confident with our solutions we are willing to finance it for you!

THere are other signage companyies out there, but how many of them will pay for their own signage to be on someone elses site? Not many I am sure.

As we are financing the solution, this shows we are not a fly-by-night solutions provider, we are here for the long hall. How many people would continue to pay monthly for a digital signs solution if it is not working or delivering. Not many.

This means we have a vested interest in keeping you our customer happy, keeping the equipment working and delivering what was promised. You also know that what we are selling you is a great product that we have 100% confidence in.

Why not have us in to your venue to discuss all the options with you, we want to help make the transition from traditional printing solutions to digital as easy as completely possible. Once you make the investment into digital, you will not look back. Think of the savings in expensive graphic designers, expensive printing costs, lengthy time-lines due to design and print restrictions and slow and expensive postal delivery of the printed posters to your shops or venues.

We dont understand why people still rely on a printed media when you are showing an advertisemet in a shop or venue, by the time the poster has been designed, printed and delivered, the offer is already out of date. And what happens if there is a mistake in the advert or a price change is needed? A re-print? Not with digital signage, you can make the changes from your mobile phone and deployed to an unlimited amount of shops or venues in a matter of seconds.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and what you want to achieve from digital signage and will can let you know the weekly or monthly costs to you.

Talk to us about signage financing