We have Discontinued the Digital Security Solutions

As of January 2018 we have decided to discontinue the Digital Security Solutions we have previously provided (both through SecurityMonitoring.co.uk and tns.co.uk) to focus our resources into Digital Marketing solutions.

Site Security Installations

Cameras are installed everywhere nowadays for security, safety, productivity, monitoring and just for fun.
Below are a few common examples of CCTV systems we install, this is not every application, but it is a good example of where most people would like to have a CCTV system installed.

Construction Sites

One of the most common places for things to go missing is the Construction Site. There are a lot of places to hide and many places for unauthorised people to access the site. With our security skills, we can help reduce the amount of items that go missing, accidents, unauthorized personnel on site and many other security related aspects by installing a security system to help monitor and create a safer working environment for your staff and contractors.

How many time have you had building materials go missing from a site? How secure is your building site when your staff are off site? Would it help to know you have a quick response unit on site, or to be able to view your CCTV cameras 24 hours a day 7 days a week? How about receive an alert on your phone when the CCTV system detects an intruder?

All these points create great peace of mind and do not cost as much as you think to install and use. We can supply system to rent rather than buy for temporary installations or for larger sites, we can offer any security service you require.

If you have a building contract in sensitive areas, like schools, government buildings and public places for example, do you know where your staff are all the time? Could they be up to no good? Do you know what vehicles are on site? What if someone comes on site in a van and takes tools? Would you know the number plate of the vehicle? Our systems can track your staff, vehicles and all record a log of events for later retrieval.

Storage and Warehouses

How would you feel if your stock was taken from your warehouse during the day because your staff mistakenly loaded a pallet of goods onto a truck? We know this happens, it has happened on a site we were working at, fortunately they had a CCTV system so we could contact the driver. He had made a wrong collection and the items were returned with no problems. But this goes to show that these things do happen, how much could be potentially lost with 1 pallet of goods going to the wrong address or getting into the wrong hands? A few thousand pounds? Your company reputation? Even worse? Potentially, this could happen if your site is not monitored 24 / 7 by a reliable CCTV recording system.

Why not have us on site to quote for an installation of security cameras or a staff tracking system.

Office Security

Office security is extremely important nowadays. As people tend to take the law into their own hands nowadays, you need someone to protect you and your staff in the office. What if a disgruntled customer decides to exact revenge on the company by coming on site and causing problems? Would your existing systems protect you and your staff? Would they stand up in court? Our systems do.

Along with security systems we can install staff monitoring systems that require finger print authentication to clock in and out to prevent "buddy clocking" where colleagues clock each other in and out. If you have remote workers, we can track their movements by GPS positioning that is all logged in real-time for future checking.

Commercial Security

Commercial properties like shops, attractions, show rooms, pubs, clubs and all other public space commercial buildings should be covered by CCTV security to protect your customers but more importantly to protect your staff. Every corner of a property that is open to the public should be covered, ideally by 2 different camera angles. If you operate any kind of public space, we urge you to invest in a CCTV security system that records on site and off site.

Private Properties

For excellent peace of mind, we recommend that your home property is protected by the deterrent of CCTV security cameras. We can install a comprehensive, competitively priced security system that can be monitored by yourself on your phone, tablet, computer and television.

Holiday home properties are often left empty for several months throughout the year, who is to say no one has moved into your property? With a CCTV system, you could check and see anytime, day or night how secure your property is.

Remote Sites

We can install a security system to a site in the city with good networks or to a site that is in the middle of nowhere. To receive the images from the CCTV system to be recived, there needs to be some way to send the data off site, either by broadband or mobile networks. Let us know what you want installing and where you want it, we will work with you on coming up with a suitable solution.

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