We have created a fully integrated payment and ordering system for your venue.

Bars, Pubs, Restaurants and more can use our easy to use Table Ordering System.

Simply affix an identifying barcode to each table in your venue to allow the customer to directly scan, view your menu, order what they like and pay directly through our app. You receive and fulfil the order, they customer is happy .


They can’t be wrong


Many more to come


Easy to signup and use today


We make ordering and payments easy

Our system is so Easy it Hurts!

The venue signup process is easy, you register on our website and we take details about your business, how you would like to be paid and what items you would like to offer to your customers via our app. Food and/or drinks menus? We can do it all. You enter the items, descriptions, photos and prices and we will display it to your customers all under your venue or company branding so the customers has a seamless checkout.

The barcodes and NFC tags identify your venue, table number and some other useful information to the customers app. Internet is required to use our ordering system and payment gateway so we recommend you allow free WiFi to all your customers for easy order processing. We generate a unique barcode for each table you want to allow ordering from, you then print these out, laminate them and affix them to the tables.

When a customer wants to place an order they scan the unique barcode that is on each table using their smartphone in our app, this will automatically show the customer your menu and ordering page, when the customer is happy with the drinks they have selected, they pay for their order using their payment card in our app. It is easy to use, no wait staff are needed, only delivery staff to take the orders to the tables.

Once the payment has been successfully taken for an order, your venue will then get a notification of the new order on our easy to use staff terminal (or in pocket tables's/phones), your staff then prepare the food and/or drinks orders, they update the order progress on our system so the customer can see the order state and delivers the goods directly to the customer at the table. Users then social media their experience

Every event & status is tracked and logged through our system. Your customers will be kept up to date by the minute in real time when your staff update the order, this will show on the customers app. Owners can you can track product ordering, busy tables, stock levels and staff efficiency (and more) through our system. We can even connect the app to our digital advertising signage solution to advertise your promotions and offers.

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Signup and Create an Account

Create an account, add company information and add your food and drinks menu along with prices to our system.

Identify and Tag Your Tables

Printout your table barcodes. Print and stick them to your tables. Users can Scan the barcodes to order their items.

table ordering system image

Start Taking Orders Immediately

Customers scan the barcodes on the tables with their phones, they then view your menu and prices and order without visiting the bar.

Process the Orders

We take payment from the customer cards and send the order to your venue to process and deliver the items to their table.

Table ordering with a barcode system is the future of hospitality

Simply scan the barcode on the table with your phone and you will be taken automatically to each venue's menu so you can order your food drinks directly to your table without going to the bar.

Customers hate leaving their group to wait and order at the bar!

This is no longer needed with our system. Customers can order their food and drinks directly at their table. We tag a barcode to each table you want to offer this service on. When customers can the barcode on their mobile phones (providing they have access to the internet) we show them your venue's menu and prices and allowing them to directly order food and drinks to their table.

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