Welcoming Your Guests with Custom Signage

Welcome travellers and commuters to your train station with high-tech, bright digital signage.

Instantly let travellers interact and engage with the train station by displaying advertisements, services, facilities and any other useful information they may like to see. Each screen can display a different (or all the same) message, animation or whatever you want it to.

By showing the customer where the station's facilities are, this helps free up your existing train station staff to concentrate on their own tasks and not have the public asking many different questions when the signs show all the information that is needed.

Informing Travellers and Commuters

Travelling can be stressful and to have up to the second information, especially when delays happen, is crucial to keeping your customers happy. With our screen solutions, you can interact with the travellers and show them the delays with a brief message as to the cause and show an estimated departure time alowing travellers to plan and update friends and family at their final destination.

Using screen solutions to their optimum is key in providing an enhanced traveller experience. How good would it be to know that you have increased a travellers experience by simply showing up to the second travel information, something that should have happened a long time ago within the travel industry, now it is possible with our customised screen solutions.

Digital Advertising and Poster Screens

Nowadays advertising is a £30 billion pound a year industry and is set to grow.

Give the businesses that are trading on your stations and beyond the ability to buy advertising space on your screens, this helps tourists and commuters to identify and engage with businesses both on the platforms and in the local area.

Advertising in the right place via digital sign is easy to maintain, can be instantly updated and recognised by the public as engaging and better than printed media or signs. You can rotate adverts, showing each for 10 seconds foe example. We can also record and monitor the amount of people who engage with the advert. We can display on screen 2D QR codes or use NFC (Near Field Communication) to send the person a promotional code, this will be traceable through the shops tills and online which will allow your businesses to track their return on investment.

News and Information Screens

One of the most important aspects to travel is information, being an informed traveller. What is the first thing people do when there is a delay? They go online and search for a reason why there is a delay, they look to see how long the delay will last, they go to social media to update friends and family of the delays and finally it is time to complain and let others know of your frustrations.

By giving people the information they crave the second it is available via an information screen, this can help reduce the amount of complaints and bad press about your services that could be circling on social networks - rent a system form us and try it out for a few months.

Additional Train Station Signage Ideas

A digital concierge could be provided at your train station for travellers that could allow the instant booking of hotel rooms, attraction and show ticket ordering, table bookings and virtually anything that is available online at your travellers finger tips. These services and bookings could be used to generate an additional revenue stream, you could charge for advertising on your screens or charge per booking to the venue.

Travellers & Station Digital Signage Solutions

Let us manage your signage. Realise the revenue potential.